Fishdom: All your lovely fish in a fantastic aquarium.

Fishdom provides every player with exclusive puzzles in an aquatic world. Unlock all puzzles and decorate aquariums to create friendly places for your beloved talking fish. In the game, you can feed your fish, play with them or simply observe them in their natural environment. Therefore, get ready and prepare yourself to be amazed by the beauty of this game!

Fishdom Description

All you have to do is enjoy your favorite game-plays in a dream aquarium. From swapping and matching pieces to designing and decorating aquariums. In short, play with and take care of your fish in one amazing game: Fishdom!

I found Fishdom a few months ago, and while it’s not what I thought it would be, I’ve become addicted to it. It’s very satisfying to beat these crazy levels!

One of the fun parts: you can challenge other players in order to improve your aquarium much faster. Try the game out and be ready to explore an breathtaking aquatic world with entertaining fish. For instance, each character has its own personality and is ready to delight you!

Fishdom also challenges your creativity: decorate your fish tanks amazing underwater ornaments. Prepare your scuba mask and let the awesome aquarium graphics surprise you with daily challenges. Moreover, at any time you can change everything in your aquarium in order to customize it as you like.


To sum up, Fishdom is an entertaining puzzle mobile game ready to delight you with a marvelous sub-aquatic world. You can share your progress with your friends on social media. The game requires no Wi-Fi or internet connection while playing. The game is available in both stores:

Google Play Store Apple Store

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