8 Top Mobile Games from Google Play and App Store

Top Mobile Games gathers some of the most played mobile games from all around the world. In this article you will find astounding realms: from the dream aquarium of Fishdom, unique world of Hearthstone and up to Marvel’s Champions. All mobile games presented are beloved by the international community and are available in both App Store and Google Play. Thus, don’t miss the chance and pick your favorites from the top mobile games.

Here Are The 8 Top Mobile Games:

  1. Fishdom
  2. Hearthstone
  3. Words with Friends
  4. Marvel Contest of Champions
  5. Minion Rush
  6. Ballz
  7. War Robots
  8. Helix Jump

1. Fishdom

The puzzles are challenging, and I enjoy it – Stephanie Voltolin

Fishdom is a mobile game for all those who love unfolding the mysteries of a puzzle. It consists of the incredible adventure of immersing yourself in the marine aquatic world to face challenging tasks: from the home decoration of the fish, marine world designs, to playing with each of the sub-aquatic characters. Therefore, we present some key aspects from the game:

  • You can do different tasks: combine colors to decorate fish homes and play with them
  • Various challenges and complex levels that you can design and paint
  • Each aquatic level is accompanied by a different marine world, and of course, they have their 3D fish
  • You can add your Fishdom username to your Facebook account to play with your friends from social media.

Download Fishdom on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

2. Hearthstone

Love this game and have always loved it. I appreciate that they keep it up to date and change meta for ALL decks – Jacqueline Althoff

Hearthstone is a trading card game produced by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s a game dedicated to people over 12 years old and it is classified as an action card mobile game. It comes with a collection of powerful and magic cards available in decks. Thus, as a player you have to create an unstoppable deck of warriors and spells that allow you to defeat the enemy to obtain victory and control the battlefield in real-time only. All in all, what does the game offer to you?

  • Hearthstone allows you to practice against superheroes and computer controlled rivals
  • You can create your favorite victorious deck
  • Every victory awards you with incredible prizes
  • Your Blizzard account links to Hearthstone, so you can play directly from your mobile phone or your desktop computer.

Download Hearthstone on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

3. Words with Friends

Love this game. The board game was a family favorite – Teresa Cabral

Words with Friends is a multiplayer game for mobile dedicated to people over 4 years old and its genre is puzzle. It consists of creating words from other words already made by your friends, families or even neighbors. While playing the game, you will show how fast your brain works by forming new terms that will secure your victory. However, keep in mind that if you write the wrong word you will lose! Being part of the top mobile games, Words with Friends can be simply described as follows:

  • A community with more than 50 millions players world wide
  • Allows creating words from others already written
  • It allows the development of cognitive skills that reinforce the language
  • Also, it provides the necessary tools for the acquisition of new terms to be used by the players
  • It allows healthy competition between family, friends and neighbors

Download Words with Friends on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

4. Marvel Contest of Champions

This game is deep and intensely skill based – Kason Ing

Marvel Contest of Champions is a dedicated mobile game for fans of the Marvel Universe. It was developed for people over 12 years of age and its genre is action. Above all, it consists of the epic fight between superheroes and villains beloved by the public. During the game-play, Spider-Man, Dead Pool, Captain America and Star-Lord can make a powerful team to obtain the victory over your enemies in a fantastic world. Some key features available:

  • You can create a suitable team that will lead you to victory
  • Marvel Contest of Champions provides a map that allows you to find the places where the missions to defeat Kang and Thanos are played
  • You travel through history within a classic Marvel narrative, but that’s not all!

Download Marvel Contest of Champions on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

5. Minion Rush

This is my childhood, I am glad to see it is still being updated – zubbyi zub

Minion Rush is a game dedicated to people over 10 years old who are fans of adventures. It is suitable for those who were made for new missions every day and its genre is arcade. The mobile game consists of selecting your favorite minion and preparing to run on the trip to entering Gru’s secret lair. By doing so, you discover various rooms that lie hidden surprises from which you can obtain prizes and bananas. In short, overcome obstacles and carry out missions around the world:

  • You can select your favorite minion to start the rushing adventure
  • In Gru’s secret rooms there are different missions
  • Moreover, for each mission completed you can unlock great costumes for your minions
  • Each game world features 3D technology

Download Minion Rush on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

6. Ballz

Very fun game – Darwin

Ballz is dedicated to people of all ages and its an amazing mobile game. It consists of touching the cell phone screen above the game ball and sliding it in the direction of where the bricks are. Thus, the purpose of this game is to break as many bricks as possible and prevent them from descending towards the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, if balls fall down, you lose the game. Also, the player obtains additional balls as a reward for his victory to continue playing. As the level progresses, the complexity of the game increases.

  • Easy to play and relaxing
  • You don’t need an internet connection to play it
  • All you have to do is control the ball, but be amazing at it!

Download Ballz on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

7. War Robots

This game is awesome, I played a lot before components, now then I saw Remastered’ I downloaded the game and realized, that it is highly improved – Lukas Zinkevicius

War Robots is a game dedicated to lovers of battles and wars. It was developed for people over 12 years old and its genre is action. This multiplayer game consists of an endless fight of giant enemy machines that seek to have victory in the arena in different parts of the world. Also, if you connect to internet, you can play with your friends and family to face them in a battle that will determine who is the strongest and smartest of all. In short, destroy, capture and power up your weapons and abilities in the War Robots universe. Certainly, this is only a small amount of what you will encounter during the game:

  • Choose your favorite robot warrior from 50 unique ones
  • Fight against others in multiplayer and be the best commander
  • Customize your robots as you wish.

Download War Robots on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

8. Helix Jump

Challenging! It’s a game which you say just one more time – Joe newitt

Helix Jump is simply for lovers of best adventures. It is suitable for people of all ages and its genre is arcade. Rotate the tower using your fingers in order to descend the ball through various holes. The player must guide the ball through these openings to prevent it from hitting the colored surfaces. Further, as you progress through the different levels, the degree of complexity of the game increases. Beware, although it seems easy at the beginning, you are going to encounter some very difficult levels.

  • It is a game very easy to play
  • There are different models of balls and colors
  • Allows you to collect diamonds
  • Each passed level of the game contains a new wallpaper.

Download Helix Jump on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS