War Robots: Legendary Multiplayer Battles

War Robots is a legendary shooter exclusively available for mobile devices. Giant robots fight against each other in a multiplayer battle. The mobile game is full of action including surprise attacks, tactical maneuvers and unique battlefields. Also, rivals from all over the world try to sharpen their skills in order to become the best pilot. All in all, do you have what it takes to beat them, Commander?

War Robots Description

The first step is to select your mech-fighter from a wide range of robots. There are available more than 50 different robots with their exclusive designs and special powers. In addition, every robot is fully customizable with your desired weapons and latest modules in terms of technology. Certainly all you have to do is to find your most suitable one and start fighting!

I love the game all around from the time it came out with the first couple bots until now with all the amazing graphics!

The game provides you different playing styles. If you prefer to play aggressively against your enemy or simply protect your friends, War Robots has it all! It all depends on your selected weapon. For example, you can pick the ballistic missiles or plasma cannons. Try it out yourself and expect a great experience.

As any fully functional multiplayer game, this one offers you some entertaining options:

  • You can team up with other commanders from anywhere across the globe and fight along.
  • Also, you have the option to play solo in well-known modes such as Arena or Free for All.


To sum up, War Robots comes with a unique multiplayer experience and lots of fun. The world of mech-robots is continuously growing expanding with every update since the firs official release. Moreover, a beautiful community willing to help you is now available in App Store and Google Play. The game requires a stable internet connection.

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